Saturday, 2 July 2016

Jacob Collier's album is out

The much awaited first album of musical prodigy Jacob Collier is out. There has been some anticipation to see what he would do as his first major release.

Jacob Collier is described elsewhere in this blog, so if you don't know who he is, or what the fuzz is about, have a look here. He is still 21 years old as of this album release, and he is still doing all singing and playing himself.

The album has 11 tracks, mainly his own original songs, with Flintstones thrown into the mix. The album contains a mix of different styles; Jazz, A cappella, Groove, Folk, Triphop, Classical music, Brazilian music, Gospel, Soul and Improvisation. And more, fused into a unique Jacob Collier musical world view.

Track list: Woke up Today, In My Room, Hideaway, You and I (Stevie Wonder), Down the Line, Now and Then I Think About You, Saviour, Hajanga, Flintstones (Curtin/Barbera/Hanna), In the Real Early Morning, Don't You Know.

Collier also recorded the final track Don't you know with Snarky Puppy on their Family Dinner Volume 2 album back in February of 2015.

People used to clapping on one and three are advised to stay away. May also be difficult to process for people with dense chord phobias. You are hereby warned.

Available from almost everywhere. Go to to find out how/where to buy. Here is his Hajanga, a poly-rhythmic ode to life, with a nod to Metheny/Mays, among others.

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